Premade Closure Wigs

Premade Closure Wigs

Lace Type

Premade Closure Wig


Premade Closure Wigs are premade wigs constructed with a standard closure and 3 bundles. These units can be specified by length, closure type, closure material, and texture. Standard Premade Closure Wigs do NOT COME CUSTOMIZED. 


Add-On Lace Customization Services Here 


Uncustomized Premade Lace Wigs are PERFECT for:

  • Bringing to your stylist to customize before your install. Most stylists include customization and styling in their services, therefore paying less for an uncustomized unit using BNB Luxury Virgin Hair would be very beneficial and would save you money!
  • Customizing your unit yourself. If you like to customize and style your own units, Premade Units are perfect for you!
  • Practicing Customization. Because these units are already fully-made on a cap, this is the perfect starter unit to practice your customization and styling skills using BNB Luxury Virgin Hair.
  • Adding on specific customization services. You can add on Customization Services here to create the perfect custom unit for you!





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