1 landing page design CHECKLIST

For all Branding Services, please be sure you have completed the following:


1 Landing Page Design Includes:

  • ​Custom Design

  • Desktop + Mobile Friendly

  • Basic SEO

  • 3 Website Banners


In detail, please explain your anticipated website vision, aesthetic, expectation(s) and overall brand goals. Do you have a brand/website that you like and could use as inspiration for your own? Feel free to share any information as a guide to best capture your brand vision and goals​

Pre-existing Website Credentials:

Please provide your Log In information for design access, or (Wix Only) send a site contributor invite as a Website Manager using our email, @bailinicole.com. You will find this on your Wix Dashboard under site actions.


1 Landing Page Design:​

Please Note: Website Subscriptions are not included in the branding package. To host your domain, a monthly subscription through wix must be purchased. See subscription options here.

  • In detail, please explain your anticipated website vision, aesthetic, colors expectation(s) and overall brand goals. If you have any websites you would like to show as inspiration, please add the link to your email.

  • Domain Name - Have you already purchased a domain? If not, please specify your anticipated domain name (ex.www.[insertdomain].com/.net/.co. Domain's will be connected after website is complete.

  • ​​​Landing Page -  In detail please add all information you would like shown on this landing page. This includes slideshows, direct links, product collections, services, pictures, specific verbiage, information, paragraphs etc. If you have any website inspiration, feel free to add any links.

For shop landing pages, please specify the name of the product, price, price variants, and photo of the product. Please name the photo the same name as the specified product. This package includes uploading up to 15 products. 

(You may upload more products when the website is transferred to you)

For booking landing pages, please specify the name of service, type of service, duration, description, price, and any other information. If you have photos to add, please attach as well with the photo named the same name as the specified service. ​

  • Website Banners - Please specify what you want your website banners to be

  • Welcome and/or Subscribe Pop up? Please specify. 

Feel free to add any additional information, inspiration, photo's that you think would  best capture your overall brand vision. All media and photos should be sent via dropbox not as email attachments (unless its less than 5 attachments).

Send all information to: contact@bailinicole.com

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