You're Invited, sis.



arrive:  meet in atlanta, ga on may 8th, 2020 by 5pm 

dinner: dinner @ 6:30pm at grand luxe cafe - or take out (miss. corona)

girls night: let the night begin at 9pm at our luxury penthouse

champagne toast: 11:50-12:00pm champagne toast and hbd  with cake

Brunch:  morning of may, 9th, maybe! depending on miss. corona


Bougie Vibes only. come snatched, sis. photos will be taken all night, as well as vlogging to capture the entire birthday celebration.

for dinner, a white dress is preferred

for girls night, white pajama's (EX. SATIN 2 PIECE, WHITE ROBE, ETC)

remember, we're taking pictures



 a luxury penthouse with an atlanta view with a balcony is where we will be celebrating and bringing in baili's 23'rd birthday.  


Dinner at grand luxe cafe. If dine-in isn't available (corona), no worries. we can order in at our luxury penthouse. 

complementary wine, champagne, + cocktails will be provided all night. k?

I'm so excited to celebrate my 23'rd birthday with you! all you need to bring is yourself and bougie vibes.

1 item is requested but not required - a bottle of champagne, wine, alcohol, and/or food item (for the munchies)

gifts are also accepted, teehee

See you there.

rsvp: please rsvp by friday, May 1, 2020 by sending $30 to $bailinicole via cash app

$30 fee goes towards airbnb

-Baili Nicole