baiby boss BRANDING package CHECKLIST

For all Branding Packages, please be sure you have completed the following:



In detail, please explain your anticipated brand vision, aesthetic, expectation(s) and overall brand goals. Do you have a brand that you like and could use as inspiration for your own? Feel free to share any information as a guide to best capture your brand vision and goals


  • Logo Development:

In detail, please explain your anticipated aesthetic (bold, simple, elegant, etc), color scheme(s), theme(s) and/or expectations. If you aren't sure of something, that's okay! BNB can brainstorm for you. Feel free to send any inspiration, specific color codes, or current logo’s to as a guide


  • Business Card or Loyalty Card Design:

Please specify whether you want a Standard Business Card or Loyalty Card Design. Business card upgrades are available (please consult with me). Please note that printing is an additional charge - This includes a front + back design only

Please specify all information required on your business card or loyalty card design. This information includes but aren't limited to: phone number, email address, website link, social media handle, etc. Feel free to send any examples that stand out to you and correlate with your brand.

  • Graphics:

Please specify your graphic content. Ex. Pricelists, Coming Soon, Flash Sale, etc.

Be sure to include all information needed on each graphic. This information includes but not limited to: prices and service names, quotes, specific verbiage, all additional information, etc. Feel free to send any inspiration or examples that stand out to you and correlate with your brand.

Feel free to add any additional information, inspiration, photo's that you think would  best capture your overall brand vision. All media and photos should be sent via dropbox not as email attachments (unless its less than 5 attachments).

Send all information to:

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